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Thanks to the rain, the wind was so harmonious that almost every year the West hit the fruit season. Especially the summer games in May, 6, 7 to travel to the West, you can also participate in many festive fruit garden of the people. This year's fruit festival will be held in Ben Tre, Lach market area from May 29 to June 2. So, if you register early "Ben Tre - Fruit Festival" 01 days (tour group) will certainly participate in this fruit paradise. Please note that because the day tour only one day right at the time of the festival delicious fruit-safe Ben Tre so Tour only departed in 2 days is 31/5 & 01/6/2014. In case you come in another day, please contact us directly on +84 (0) 903 550 236, (08) 6651 6366, (08) 2240 6473, (08) 2210 2465 to be sorted. If you travel in large numbers, enough cars, we can also flexibly design your own tour to suit your preferences.
With this event of Ben Tre, you can go to visit Ben Tre one day or can go to other provinces of the Mekong Delta, which also have special fruit specialties, so you peace of mind. If in Tien Giang can not buy durian, then Vinh Long can also buy. April, May lunar month falls on the time of Doan Ngoan (June 2 calendar), so whether Western tourism such as Vinh Long, Ben Tre, Can Tho, Tien Giang ... you You can also find the fruit orchard fruit, enjoy specialty fruit garden west.

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