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have you tried tropical fruits in vietnam?

This season you can tour West 1 Day can also enjoy the aromatic flavor of Cai Mon durian - "specialties No. 1" of specialties in the Southwest. You are careful because the durian here is very wrong, a tree can go to nearly a hundred fruit. If the durian garden, "only what, pick that", "choose which one is the set that soon", can be in the garden that can also bring home as gifts. Exciting inspiration can also be in love with the poem. "Private embrace a sorrow, Love attached sticking to the general sentence, delicious fruit sent to me, Love this keep, this fruit ... to eat." Ensuring those who just enjoy the sweet bitter sweet, fragrant aromas of Cai Mon durian that hear these four verses will also "shake the heart".
Westerners have a lot of fruit, everyone knows, all the fruits are not famous, such as Nam Roi pomelos in Vinh Long, Hau Giang, Lo Ren brewer (Tien Giang), Cau Ke coconut (Tra Vinh), mango sand Hoa Loc (Tien Giang), red jackfruit (Can Tho) ... In addition, the West is famous for other fruits such as mangosteen, mango, banana, coconut, mandarin ... is traveling to the "fortune", the country of the Southern fruit.
In the city, you buy 1 mango if the balance is increased by 1, 2 grams are also charged as playing. As for the West, buy a dozen mango fruit when you put up to 14 or 16 left, even "boa" some more, not narrow-like as in the city. Simply because this is the land of the fruit that, the seller "wide" hands, not afraid of being "screaming" in the sky, home grown, mostly fun, thanks to the number, so the seller It will not be too expensive to pay every step as in the city. Here only "fresh fruit picking fresh, gasoline buyers, sellers widely," rarely seen the challenge, rowing like on the street.

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