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One day, in addition to the main meal out, you also sip some fruit. Everyone knows that eating fruit is good for the body but sometimes in the city, we just enjoy the fruits have passed "three, four hands buyers, sellers." As it turned out, when the fruit came to us, it was also "quite tired", not enough fresh, delicious and attractive as we often see through the picture.
This time, Viet Fun Travel would like to introduce you a place in the Southern area where the fruit is always around the year, not rambutan also breast milk, not durian is also orange oranges ... that is the West. Due to the abundance of water in the West, there is a dense river, alluvial accretion year round, so the orchards here almost every season fruitful. Which season, especially in the summer, fruit in the West again bloom. Western tourists on this occasion, you are eating fruit "drop gas", picking hands until your stomach "surrender".
If you come from the "rocky land" area to travel to the West will have to "open mouth" surprised by the green, the branches of the fruit. If you enter the orchard garden "true" garden, true to say the children can also hand pick fruit, but you do not have to climb climbing. Just sitting with hands break a bunch of rambutan ripe red ripe and ... just enjoy ... the full capacity of the stomach only. Say that to let you see that, where the fruits are luxuriant and fresh as in the West. The most favorite is his hand picking, his hand peeled, his hand eating, delicious love.

Source: Fruits in Vietnam

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