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Hue tourist spot can not be ignored

Hue Citadel is a place that any Hue travel experience can not be ignored. Being the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty during 143 years, Hue Citadel was recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage. The imperial city of Hue has an area of ​​520 hectares and is divided into two parts: the civic and civilian residence, and the royal residence and work of the king and royal family.

In simple terms, Hoang Thanh is the second city in the imperial city of Hue, where King Nguyen worked. The last citadel of Hue Citadel is the Forbidden City, which houses royal palaces and royal houses daily.

To complete a number of monumental works inside the Imperial Citadel is a long process of many kings. However, all of them were built according to strict principles of feudal architecture, using the most luxurious materials such as sausages, Bat Trang glazed tiles.

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