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Transportation in Hue, travel guide 2019

Transportation is probably one of the last things you have to worry about when learning about Hue travel experiences. This city has many ways for you to discover, but is extremely available and convenient.

Motorcycles: Topping the list, especially for the dusty tourist must surely hire a motorbike. As a tourist city, car rental services in Hue are very diverse, affordable from 100,000 to 120,000 VND / day. The easiest way is to contact hotels in Hue, most of which are available for visitors.

Taxi: Do not want to drive yourself far, the taxi is ready to accompany you on every street. Some of Hue's familiar taxi companies are Dong Ba (0234., Mai Linh (0234., Phu Xuan (0234., Thanh Cong ( .57.57.57)

Car: If you have a license, renting a car for a family or a group of friends is very interesting. Car rental in Hue will be about 500,000 - 900,000 VND / day.

Bicycles: Hue dreaming and slow pace is not ideal for you to rent a bike around the city. The rent is extremely affordable, only 20,000 - 30,000 VND / unit / day.

Cyclo: The cyclo is now rare, but still active in the famous tourist cities. Cyclo prices are also very "economic", 15,000 - 20,000 VND / person / hour for a trip, there are local people tell you the story of cough. One point to note is that pedicabs in Hue do not have a unified unit but are individual runners so you need to agree on the price before boarding.

Source: Vietnam All Inclusive

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