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Travel guide to visit Hue on your own

Hue is always associated with the dream, ancient glass of the land, although now it has become one of the central cities of Vietnam. If you suddenly want to leave the city noise, save the experience Vietnam tour package and Hue self-sufficiency below to enjoy the pace of life on every street lane.

It seems that each city in Vietnam has a nickname: Hanoi thousand years of civilization, Saigon Pearl of the East, and Hue is a land of dreams, is the capital of the capital despite hundreds of years. But still the old look, gentle, so immersed time is always slow down here.

But Hue is not only the old relics. At the heart of the central strip of Thua Thien - Hue province in particular and the city of Hue in general are also in favor of the beauty of the sea, rivers, mountains, mountains .... Waiting for nothing but bring the experience of Hue travel here and start dreaming about a peaceful ride, without haste, slowly enjoy the beauty of the land of the period.

Source: Hue Tourism

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