White Mountain: 60km from Hue City. Bach Ma Mountain is famous for its streams and many spectacular waterfalls. As Do Quyen 400m high, summer days, two sides of the waterfall, flowers Do Quyen bursts like two giant flowers silk flowers. In the center of the resort there is a silver waterfall of 10m high, 40m wide. Standing on top of Bach Ma Mountain, visitors can also take in the panoramic views of Hai Van Pass, Tuy Van Mountain, Cau Hai Lagoon and the shimmering light of Hue City at night.

Lang Co Beach, Thuan An Beach, Canh Duong Beach: Peaceful beaches of Hue are always in the top of the most beautiful beaches in Central Vietnam, where many Hue tourists.

Lap An Lagoon: 70 km south of Hue, lying at the foot of Hai Van pass, nature has given the Lap An lagoon a winding road running around the lagoon as soft silk. Here, there is a species of fish called "specialty", "pearl of heaven" ... it is oysters. Do not know ever since, people here have made use of rubber tires damaged to catch oysters. Lap An Lap is the most beautiful in the afternoon, has made many visitors dumbfounded, and if you do not have time to shoot, anyone looking forward to watching so many beautiful moments of creativity.

Source: Holiday to vietnam 2020


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