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Hue vietnam: what to do and to see?

Travel in Hue: You can rent a motorbike to travel and explore Hue. Rent from 100-150,000 VND / car / day. Visiting the city should try cyclo to feel the rustic, simple here.

Taxi: Mai Linh, Thanh Cong, Taxi Vang, Huong Giang ... In my experience, Thanh Cong is the cheapest company with quality along with modern.
Boating, floating on the river, enjoying Hue music and dropping flowers, visitors can gradually absorb the flavor, tone of Hue. If you want to rent a boat to go on the Huong River, you can contact the boat station. Prices depend on which boat you choose.

Visiting: Monuments, beaches, attractions of Hue tourism


Hue city center is a lot of hotels to meet the needs of visitors and visitors. Enjoy the feeling of being immersed in a modern and luxurious space at a 5 star hotel in Hue with iVIVU.com without much worry about the cost of accommodation. If you come to Hue to work, you can also easily find the hotel by road to facilitate your location as Ba Trieu Street Hotel, hotel near Dong Ba Market, Hung Vuong Street Hotel ...

Citadel: Imperial Citadel located inside Hue Citadel is the first place you should visit when traveling Hue. After more than 100 years, the massive architecture in the Citadel is only less than half of the original figure, but still carry the majesty of the feudal one. The city is quite large, you should spend about 1 time or 1 day to explore all.

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