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Young children pick flowers, blowing the tube

Waterfall season is also the time of the summer break of the small ethnic Meo. In addition to having to help parents work chores at home, you often go to pick flowers, ringing, blowing the flute and laughing all the way. The little people in the highlands, face to face the austere life, but always smile bright, clear voice and waving good greetings to those who go down the land playing like us. This pure beauty is what I remember most when leaving Ha Giang season to pour into the cramped city, far away.

If you have just started a leisurely vacation, want to be immersed in nature, immersed in the unique culture of the Cats and hear them tell stories about a "remembrance season" of the Northwest, please. Backpacking up, Ha Giang season is still waiting for you!

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