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traveling to north vietnam by bike

In the water season, Cats not only grow rice, they also plant corn throughout the plateau. This season is heavy, corn grows as fast as it blows. We gasped when we saw the corn on the mountain, mixed with stones from the top down to the bottom and jokingly: Mèo tài chính nhỉ, planting corn on the rock.

Water season in summer, that cool weather love. The sudden rain showers between the mountains and mountains that coincide with the place where you always "catch" you have to wear a new shirt to bear. What is the ideal "escape" from the heat to suffocation of the capital?

Happily misunderstanding led us to a Ha Giang season not crowded crowded by holiday season tourists are delighted to immerse themselves in heaven with thousands of beautiful pictures "not dead corner "

How to get to Ha Giang?

There are many trips to explore Ha Giang season for you to choose freely. If you are adventurous and have bloody adventure, you can go motorbike from Hanoi. If you go alone and admire the view through the glass window, you can move by car from Hanoi to the city and drive to the town of Dong Van.

Our journey was chosen to be a combination of the two, because there was not much time in the world to love the most beautiful North West. We took the night bus from Hanoi and the next morning rented a motorcycle "pho" to the plateau. The feeling of sitting in the car across the terraced field is the season of flooding or thousands of corn is coming season corn in the weather will be cool. With this trip, only 2 days 3 nights only but you can set foot in the most beautiful in Ha Giang then.

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