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traveling through Cambodia

Cambodian holiday packages should be included a visit to mystical Angkor Wat, a population of temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia and the largest religious site in the world, 162.6 hectares, symbolic brilliant on the flag and is the deepest pride of people of this country.

Angkor Wat is a combination of two basic features of Khmer architecture with mountain temple architecture along with narrow and narrow corridors. This architecture represents Mount Meru, the home of the gods in Hindu mythology. Located between a moat and a 3.6 km wall is a three-storey main building with rectangular architecture, connected by deep corridors. The center of the temple is a five-tower complex with a central tower and four towers at four square corners.

When you enter the door, you will be photographed to print the tickets for the tour, partly for security, sanctuary but for visitors is an enjoyable and cherished experience. Most visitors bring this ticket for souvenir. Entrance fee for a day is about 400k.

When visiting hot and thirsty, do not forget to buy a jug of water to cool off. The jellyfish are cool, sweet and smell the characteristic smell contained in a bamboo tube. The sales people here are very flexible, although using foreign languages ​​"accent" but you speak foreign languages ​​with them, they can also respond a little, including Vietnamese.

Architectural majesty, symmetry in the temple complex is very special. You should come early to visit every corner of the temple because this place is very wide. In particular, temples are sacred places in Cambodia, the wearing of pants, short skirts, two-stringed dress, you will be blocked by Cambodian tourist police without any concession.

Angkor Wat complex is especially beautiful when it comes to photo so the fans love taking pictures, like living virtual probably in the temple all day is not boring. Therefore, you must be healthy enough to visit and save the most beautiful, ancient and majestic moments.

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