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Explore mystical Angkor Wat

Lets first talk about Cambodian foods: In general, dishes in Cambodia from snacks to breakfast, lunch is quite close to the dishes of the Vietnamese, the cup can say is no barrier.

My first night, I book Angkor Wat tour package including a show "Smile of Angkor" show. This is a very special program directed by director Zhang Yimou made with the Cambodian Performing Arts. "Smile of Angkor" lasts 75 minutes and is divided into six chapters, including "Dialogue with the Holy Spirit," "The Flood of the Crown," "Revival of the Gods," "The Legend of the Sea of ​​Milk," " pray for life "and" Angkor Smile ". All have recounted the whole process of formation, development and attainment of the heyday of making Angkor go through many ups and downs, events and then heroic. The dialogue is translated directly on the screen above the stage in Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese and English so you feel comfortable enjoying.

Tickets are a bit expensive but this is a work of art worth the money and extremely labeled.

The scene outside the theater is brilliant and crowded when every evening attracted thousands of visitors to see.

Actually I have gone from one surprise to another overwhelmed, the eyes O, the mouth of the letter A when in turn witness the grandiose combination of music, light, costume colors, fountains, fire smoke and the statues are elaborately elaborated.

The lively dances in the body language are traditional dances such as shiva, apsara, military dances, public dances, monkeys, bokotoo and Cambodian royal candles, You will see your 75 minutes worth every second. However, the concert was not filmed at all.

Day 2: explore the mystical Angkor Wat

The first morning here you should eat Cambodian Noodle Soup. In fact, this noodle soup you can still eat in Vietnam but eat at the place where it is still more interesting. Prawns, liver, pork, eggs, non-crispy onion, scallions, hawthorn and broccoli, sweet radish.

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