Christmas is a well-known and Western holiday, because in the western world they are mainly Christian, Christmas is the anniversary of the birth of Jesus, so that in the West. The West is a big holiday, everyone takes the time to decorate their home and prepare for the warmest and warmest Christmas ever.

In recent years, Christmas day has become more common in Vietnam. Although not part of the holidays, Christmas is almost a common holiday for all who are no longer dedicated to Christianity.

In Vietnam the Christmas is usually held on the 24th and the morning of December 25th, people will also give each other gifts especially young couples, often giving gifts on Christmas And donate each other sweet wishes, besides that on this day the children are often the Santa Claus gifts.

Christmas in Vietnam is similar to other countries in terms of symbols, such as Christmas tree, leaf spring season, ... especially in companies, private organizations, shops, supermarkets are decorated for themselves. a Christmas tree is the most beautiful, most vibrant with decorative items such as bells, snow rope, socks, gift boxes. Even though they are artificial pine trees, they also contribute to the creation of noel air everywhere.

Christmas in Vietnam is one of the cultural events not only in companies, organizations, businesses ... but this is a holiday for everyone to have fun, and celebrate Christmas rhythm. Give each other gifts, send messages warm and peaceful, children will be eagerly gifted Santa Claus. More specifically, the Christians will be preparing to perform at the cathedral.

Christmas in Vietnam is also very popular and often the Christmas eve in Vietnam will be very elaborate, because in one year there is only one holiday, so organizations and businesses often organize events. Christmas is for everyone in the company and needs a professional event organizer to have a fun, unique Christmas program for all members.

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