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How does Vietnam celebrate Christmas?

holiday in vietnam during the new year, known mainly to the west and because in the western countries they are primarily Christian. Christmas is the anniversary of the birth of Jesus, so in the West this is a big holiday, everyone takes the time to decorate their home and prepare for a day. The warmest and warmest Christmas.

In recent years, Christmas day has become more common in Vietnam. Although not part of the holidays, Christmas is almost a common holiday for all who are no longer dedicated to Christianity.

Christmas Day is usually held on the evening of December 24 and lasts until December 25. People will give each other gifts especially young couples, often give gifts on Christmas and give each other sweet wishes, besides, on this day the children are often the old man Christmas presents.

In these days, Christmas tree decorations can be made in many places, either artificial or plastic, or true trunk or horse tail, while in western countries species of pine, spruce, sam.

In the trees, people usually hang many kinds of decorations, but usually there are bell rings, snow leopards, boots, gift packages and decorative lights like Western countries.

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