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what to eat in Sapa

What to eat when traveling Sapa?
Besides admiring the scenery of lyrical nature of Sapa, do not forget to try the unique local dishes of this town. Vntrip.vn would like to introduce you some Sapa specialties below that you should try once.

Salmon, fresh sturgeon

Different types of salmon, sturgeon imports, chilled water fish in Sapa usually have meat firm, hunting meats and no fat. How to process salmon / sturgeon can be sliced ​​to mix salad or grilled. What is in the cold air of Sapa, you sit to enjoy a hot pot of salmon / sturgeon steamed with fresh vegetables.

Fresh vegetables in cold water

Sapa is a country of temperate vegetables such as cauliflower, blueberry, red bulb, chayote, etc. Sapa is a special sweet, soft sweet attractive. The most famous vegetables in the Sapa tourist site is the sesame boiled salted sesame seeds, stir fried algae, you may book Best sapa tours from Hanoi and include foods to your package as well.

Poached meats are a specialty of the Mong ethnic people. Pigs weighing only 4-5kg are cleaned, marinated and then left whole roasted or roasted. The meat of "boiled armpits" sip with 2-3 cups of Sapa apple cider, night drinking is not boring.

The specialty barbecue in SaPa

According to the travel experience, because of the cold climate in Sapa, any dish is served to roast from chicken eggs, duck eggs, meat skewers, Sapa people think. If you want to book tour, please include above to your Vietnam tours and packages or ask us away and we provide details.

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