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diaries of travel to vietnam with children

In the late afternoon we go to the esplanade in front of the Citadel and immediately we are targeted by a group of cute children in yellow T-shirt: they are accompanied by their English teachers and explain that they need to interview tourists for a school project. My eldest daughter volunteered, the project foresees that they practice English by asking them questions, we end up with big smiles and group photos ... who knows if we will now be exposed on some wall of some Vietnamese school!

Just before 7pm, the Imperial Palace is illuminated and is a real wonder! The palace can be visited with the daytime entrance or with the evening entrance, we opt for the latter because it was really too hot during the day, and because in the evening there are performances in period costume with reconstructions of the changing of the guard , duels and music with traditional instruments. They are obviously designed for tourists but Anna and Benni liked them a lot and still have the freedom to visit the building independently.

The next day with the driver taken through the agency we take us to Vinh Moc where we visit the tunnels dug during the Vietnam war or, as they call it here, the American war.

Since my children are quite big, I felt obliged to document myself on this sad period of Vietnamese history and try to explain it to them as well. It is difficult to tell the war about children, especially when there are reasons that are often not clear even to us adults, so I wanted them to see at least the consequences and what the war meant for so many people. Before leaving I decided that I wanted to visit the tunnels but I was undecided about which: the most famous are certainly those of Cu Chi that are reached with an excursion from Ho Chi Minh but some reviews had left me so perplexed, continuing my research into network, I was convinced of wanting to visit the Vinh Moc tunnels.

At the entrance of the site you can take an official guide that surely recommend, ours was good and prepared and the cost is low. In the surrounding area for the sightseeing as book vietnam tour package there were several tunnels but most of them were destroyed while those of Vinh Moc have been preserved and are absolutely original. Before the visit a film is shown that shows what life was like for these civilians, a village that despite the war continued to live underground with schools, rooms for families and even a maternity room. The village supplied the northern army and for this it was heavily bombed but, in the event of an attack, the population took refuge in tunnels that could accommodate up to 600 people and remained in use for 10 years.

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