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Travel to Vietnam with children: the cities of Huè and Hoi An

Continue the travel in Vietnam with children, who arrive in Huè, where they visit the demilitarized zone and then go to Hoi An for a truly original experience!

We arrive in Hue quite destroyed after a sleepless night passed by train. As soon as we leave the station we are assailed by different characters trying to sell us a ride or a hotel and we are so tired that we do not even take much care and we take us to the hotel ...

The hotel Rosaleen Boutique Hotel booked through the booking I recommend it, it is a 3-star hotel that could easily be a 4-star hotel and for 40 euros a night we had a very nice quadruple room.

Travel to Vietnam: the city of Huè and the visit to the demilitarized zone

In Huè during the first day we visit the Citadel and organize the next day. We want to visit the demilitarized zone (DMZ) but we have not yet booked anything so we do the tour of various agencies on the road and at the end we book with "Little Hué Travel". The guy is very kind and speaks good English, we agree the visit to the DMZ starting the next morning and the transfer from Hué to Hoi An with stops along the way for the last day.

The city of Hué, due to its proximity to the border between North Vietnam and South Vietnam, was heavily bombed during the war. In the center we decide to move with the cyclo, it's a good way to chat with the locals, always available and with a smile on their faces. In one of these moments, my driver asks me where we come from and, passing over the bridge that crosses the Perfume River, starts to tell me about the war.

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