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Vietnam with children: how to organize a trip

Are you planning a holiday in Vietnam? we explains how to organize a "do-it-yourself" trip to this charming country that has made her and her children fall in love. Here is all the useful information.

Organizing a trip to Vietnam is really simple: once the itinerary has been defined we have moved with the do-it-yourself booking directly hotels, transfers and some excursions with local agencies found on tripadvisor. These same local agencies have always proposed to manage not only the excursions but the whole tour, travel and hotels included, so if you are "lazy" you can entrust part of the organization directly to them.
Vietnam with children: flights and entry visas

We flew in August with the company Aeroflot, return to Hanoi with a stopover in Moscow, spending just under 600 euros each. Booking directly with the company resulted in the flight with the best price also in relation to the duration and stops.

It was the first time that we were traveling with Aeroflot and I have to say that, apart from the not particularly good food (but on the other hand there is always talk of food from airplane), we enjoyed it! The staff is very friendly, especially with children who are also given a game kit, the entertainment is good but not present in Italian.
For the airport in Russia no type of visa is required, not even for transit.
The Moscow airport is well organized, with shops and restaurants. We had a single mistake: our suitcase and that of other passengers remained in Moscow despite the transit was about 2 hours, but arrived at the destination with the flight the next day.

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