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Halong Bay Vietnam: need to know

During the three days of the tour the group of people is changing: maybe you start a href="http://www.vietnameseprivatetours.com/halong-bay-overnight-cruise">Halong Bay Vietnam traveling with 20 people in the same boat, but five of those stay on an island and continue on their own, then they go up ten more, but maybe there are 15 They only spend one night in the Bay, so finally the final group is set the last night of the tour. What is this about, that you get in touch with more people who booked the same tour and are willing to give their version of how bad it was: I met a Chinese girl who was bitten by three monkeys at the same time in Monkey Beach and the guide told him "to clean the wounds with water and ready" (obviously he went to the hospital to get vaccinated against rabies, but if it was for the guide, with a Band-Aid he is); A girl from the USA told me that cockroaches and scorpions were in her room in the bed, and in the Chinese room there was a rat's nest. The guides do not care. You tell them that and they laugh. So none of them could sleep all night. I was lucky and I had a very clean room without bugs.

The breach of the stipulated. Travel agencies promise, promise and promise. The incredible thing is that NOTHING is fulfilled of what they say. Being a cheap tour, it is expected that things are not perfect by any means, but if one pays for a service, you must receive at least something similar to what you hired. It is necessary to constantly remind the guide (who is not even considered) what is the itinerary for him to move.

The use of the passport as an extortion weapon (sounds dramatic but they do). The guide asks for your passport and refuses to return it until the day the tour ends. Why? They need it first to register passengers with the tourist police in Halong Bay, but after that they should return it since they do not have to keep it. But no, they do not want to give it to you. I talked to people from the expensive tours (I crossed them on one of the islands) and they were very surprised since they all had their passports on them, nobody forced them to leave it in the hands of the guide. But in the cheap tour they tell you: "You do such a thing and I do not return your passport".

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