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Cambodia: This makes you want to travel now!

Capital of Cambodia, the Phnom Penh, is full of bars, pubs, fairly expensive restaurants and hotels, the contrast is striking. And everywhere you see prostitutes. And rats. In Phnom Penh there are probably no garbage bins, all the rubbish is thrown in the street, and then they are bound to a few places. Local waste is traversed by garbage and they are looking for their possible dinner. The rats have a feast, they are too big and furious. When one on the patio in front of the hotel runs under my feet, I get a little water. A lady with a golden teeth is waiting for me and offering my fried chicken. Thanks to the refusal, which does not do it, she goes into it and throws the remnants - as well as on the ground, and I expect another rat visit. Around bare begging kids still run around and roll barrels along the road.

Cambodia was not easy, in the 1970s, the Red Khmer, the extreme left, which stopped any development, came to power, and in so many years it suffered so much damage that the kingdom was coming. The Khmer Rouge killed somewhere between one and three million people, and the terror ended after the Vietnamese invasion. The Killing Fields in Phnom Penh, where the murders are taking place, is one of the must-visit places to visit the Cambodian capital. But the atmosphere does not go down as much as in the European concentration camps because the Red Khmer base did not hold much of it. If you do not have audioguides in your ears, you feel like you are walking through a pleasant park. Something else was left over, a palm whose leaves were used to cut the prisoners' throats, or a tree that was beaten by newborns with simple punches. The Khmer Reds saved the expensive bullets and therefore relied on other ways of killing. This was expected from a best cambodia travel itinerary

But let's just sort of break the seriousness of the situation. Cambodians, or Khmer, the largest ethnic group of Cambodia (only those who have been kidnapped) are very nice and willing, and in most cases they speak excellent English. It's a nice change after Vietnam, where we without Longi were unable to negotiate anything but a bodylanguage. You can lead a normal conversation and not just a basic vocabulary. The better because Khmer unfortunately uses a font, so all the inscriptions remain secret. Rise is true, 1000 reels are about 5 crowns, but much more enthusiastic they all face the dollars. ATMs give you the money automatically and there is no reason to swap large amounts, because on the contrary, it's more likely to convert the problem into their own currency. The streets do not have names but only numbers. It's a bit like New York when you're on Fifth Avenue. The locals get excited even when they go to a supermarket or a restaurant, but we notice more in the smaller towns. Things are given with both hands instead of one, and as a thank you bow with their hands together. The streets sell fried insects, skewers, fruit and fried meat of all kinds. There is an open air hairdresser in one street, which makes me very cool, as well as the hairstylists and hairstylists they create.


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