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Asia Trip: Cambodia with its wonders

After more than three weeks in Vietnam, there was a need to look again somewhere else. We went through Vietnam fairly honestly, so we could quietly head to neighboring Cambodia. We arrived at the speedboat from the border town of Chau Doc right in Phnom Penh about five hours. In addition, we got a miniban on the way, which was quite pleasing, although it would be necessary to eat twenty, so that you could feel the banana saturate. But the small bananas are tasteful, it's such a banana concentrate, and I'm a little bit tired of the big ones they sell in our country are a bit of a taste for them. Well, enough banana stories. Although we sailed on the ship, of course we did not escape the boundaries. Cambodia is paying $ 30 for a visa which is not included on our cambodia travel package, but when you pay for 60 dollars for two, do not expect someone to return something. That's about the miniban.

I have a little respect from the borders here in Asia, it always seems to me that somebody else (like a backpack like that!) Puts drugs, they come for it, they lose me, they take my passport, they keep me in jail where my rape, then I'll I have to pay a million, and maybe in ten years I'll be able to take me back to the Czech Republic. A little paranoia, I admit. However, none of my worries were fulfilled, we did not even wait too long, and with a sticker in the passport that allowed us to enter the Kingdom of Cambodia, we met a new adventure. As we approached Phnom Penh, it was clear that Cambodia would be a bit different from Vietnam. Extremely exhausted cows, tiny buildings by the river, children running without clothing.

Immediately after leaving the ship in Phnom Penh, we were in the siege of dozens of grease of fatheads who offered us their services. Fat fats are such Cambodian taxis, a cart for four people who is assigned to a motorbike and is the most common way of transporting tourists. We are staying at the hotel for two dollars per person, which corresponds to cold water, a washbasin from which water flows straight to the feet, small geckos in the room and a moldy wall. But the budget is a budget. From Phnom Penh I'm pretty upset for the first few hours. Everything comes terribly dirty, I'm poisoned by a long boat trip, local on motorbikes can not avoid as Vietnamese, but you have to be careful not to let you go and the word fat fat is slowly starting to get a heart attack. I buy two scoops of ice cream for $ 2.7. It is similar to buying three hundred in the Czech Republic. However, the ice cream made my mood and Phnom Penh daughters of Cambodia was amazed me. But there were a few things we did not know from Vietnam. Beggars. Everywhere. Riding children, adults, adults with children, the whole family. It's common for you to sit at a table in the restaurant, and the beggar comes right up to you. From the operator response, we quickly understand that it is not unusual. Some will give up after a while, others will endure for several minutes. But when only a few inches above me, a begging man who is not only drunk, perhaps drugged and seems to be pounding at me at any moment, I will start to be a bit lazy. After a while, there comes another, with a dirty child in his arms. I give him his unbroken portion on the next table. Immediately, the waitress jumps and packs the rest into a plastic bag. We meet this all the time in Phnom Penh on every corner. After we come to the river and see how many young girls in my clothes wear my hair in the Mekong, beside them a boy and a couple of yards of pear, we understand that Vietnam was actually quite luxurious.

Yes, there may be something similar in the villages, but not in the metropolis. But the main shock comes as we walk through the center in the evening. An incredible number of people live on a pair of planks laid on the sidewalk. Or on a hammock tied between two power lines. In front of the magnificent royal palace, several families sleep on an improvised bed of planks under which they have their belongings stored. On benches, on grass, everywhere. For the first time, I am surprised and scared, and after half an hour I stop looking. I buy the strange fruit of jack fruit, round fruit in a tuft wrapped in a hard shell. I'm so disgusting, so I give it to other beggars right now, just like Tomas gives the rest of the fried crickets running around the kids who are throwing them up like the biggest delicacy.


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