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Halong Bay is the jewel of the Gulf of Tonkin

If you plan to travel to Vietnam to the Gulf of Tonkin, do not forget to stay in Ha Long Bay. It is widely known for its incredible rocky formations emerging from the sea as in the Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Vietnamese are rightly proud of it.

Ha Long is often included on everyone's itinerary

The Ha Long Bay is so beautiful and inimitable that it was even included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994. In 2012, it was eventually included in the new seven natural wonders of the world. If you visit this place try Tours halong bay from Hanoi, you will definitely be impressed by limestone monuments, amazing plants and, last but not least, ubiquitous beautiful boats that are brought here by tourists and local fishermen.

Ha Long Bay attracts not only tourists ...

However, tourists are not the only ones to admire the beauty of local nature here. Not even the filmmakers are behind and they do not leave this beautiful bay so deserted. For example, in 1997, one of the most popular bands was filmed here, Tomorrow never dies with Pierce Brosnan and Jonathan Pryce. In addition, a number of documentary films have been filmed about this bay, which aim to immortalize local beauty. If you are a fan of more serials, you've certainly noticed that one part of the Top Gear car show ends right here in the local floating restaurant. And the images where limestone monuments are playing here are much, much more.

The Ha Long Bay is not just a place of beautiful memories

However, besides these beautiful memories and experiences, several sad stories are linked to this place. For example, in 2011, ten foreign tourists died here when their ship sank. Everywhere around the rocks can be sharp cliffs, which have a clear end for all water boats as well as their passengers, and poor boats have been a daily order for this disaster.

To Ha Long Bay for a trip

However, this should definitely not deter you because local captains are very experienced and similar tragedies happen only exceptionally! So you can get here for several types of trips. Either here you go only for a short, one-day trip, when you go by boat and look at the most important and most famous places. Or you can stop here for two days when you can spend the night in one of the many boats, which for some can be a great experience. Or, for the Ha Long Bay, take a few days to enjoy the beauty of the region! It only depends on you, how long you want to, and at the same time you can stay, and how much you are actually willing to pay for a trip to this magical place. The cheapest are, of course, shorter trips. It offers many Vietnam travel advisor, so it will not be a problem for you to arrange something.

Ha Long is even on a Vietnamese banknote

Do not think Ha Long Bay is another place to attract tourists, check out the Vietnamese bill of billions. You can find one of the limestone islands of Ha Long Bay. This is a sign that the Vietnamese of this bay are highly valued and that they are indeed their national treasure. So, if you do not visit Ha Long Bay during your vacation in Vietnam, you are not even in Vietnam.

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