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4 most visited destination in Vietnam

If you spent a month, half a year, or even a whole year traveling through Vietnam from the central, northern or southern part of Vietnam, you do not have the slightest chance to explore all the beauties, beauties and nooks that this charming country has to offer. Tourism and Vietnam - it's like jing and yang. The number of beaches that resemble tropical paradises, plateaus, deep and almost untouched forests, in contrast to megalomania's shopping centers, cultural monuments and modern skyscrapers, will bring you a remarkable dose of humility and admiration for this beautiful country that has steadily risen among tourists more popular. On your way across the Vietnamese beauties, you can visit the famous Halong Bay, rice fields that stretch where the human eye can see a number of monuments that, for the most part, have taken over during the Vietnam War, yet they still have a lot to offer curious travelers. Take a tour with us in the touristy places you should definitely visit during your visit.

Halong Bay

As we have mentioned above, this famous bay is experiencing an influx of tourists from all over the world every year. Its beauty is uniquely fascinating, the dimensions are megalomaniac with best halong bay cruise. Part of this natural jewel is on 2000 larger or smaller islands. The bay is part of the Gulf of Tonkin, which has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1994. If you are heading to the beauties of Halong Bay, do not forget to explore some of the local caves. The place of interest is Hang Sửng Sốt (Hang Sửng Sốt) or Caves of wooden poles (Hang Đầu Gỗ). You can also visit the largest island of Cat Ba Bay, which was mainly occupied by local fishermen and farmers. The whole island is a national park with forests, lakes and smaller waterfalls.

Can Gio Reservation

And for natural beauties we will stay for a while. The Can Gio Seaside Reserve is also worth visiting, with an incredible 75,000 hectares. When visiting, you will have a unique view of mangrove vegetation, which houses more than 150 species of plants and ponds with 130 species of fish. Not even the birds are left behind, thanks to which the local biosphere reserve was named. Part of the reservation is also the ecotourist resort of Vam Sat, where you can learn a lot of new ones or savor the local lakes, whose 30% saltiness remarkably resembles the waters of the Dead Sea.

Delta of the Mekong River

Move now to the southern part of Vietnam, including the Mekong delta. It is distinguished by its immediate fertility, which is called the grain of Vietnam. Delta is one of the largest rice producers in the country and can cover its total consumption. The Mekong River has an impressive length of 4500 km and flows on the Tibetan Plateau. He then ends his journey in the South China Sea. Part of the delta are specific Vietnamese styled houses, which you can very excitedly imagine as such unconventional Venice. Since there is, as in Venice, the ubiquitous water, then all sorts of activities, including transactions, take place at its surface. On your way through the Mekong Delta, you can enjoy the floating markets or playgrounds where the little Vietnamese are "chatting". According to Mekong Delta Tripadvisor As the river brings with it a lot of fertile soil every year, floating cities and villages, like rice fields, occupy an increasing area from year to year.

The Hmong Mountains in Sapa

If you are not fond of touristically popular resorts and want to enjoy something more action and unconventional, then head to the mountains of northern Vietnam, where Hmong mountain clans are waiting for you - glistening but mostly desperate. Sapa - the most famous mountain hiking center of northern Vietnam, can be reached by your own, but such a sapa tours package is very demanding and, in its essence, also very dangerous. So take advantage of local minibuses that are regularly hauled by tourists from the Lao Cai border station. The local atmosphere is really indescribable. Everywhere there are ladies of different ethnic groups, most often these are Black Hmongs or Red Zao. Their mentality can not be compared to ours. The Marketplace, as well as hundreds of local houses and cottages, will bring you a record of strength into your bowels. Here you can find everything you can remember without exaggeration. Do you have teeth problems? Just reach out to a local dentist who will replace your existing teeth for "brand new" artificial teeth. Women will offer you their highly prized black curls and then buy the soup guts for the soup, which then goes to the boiler near the boiling water. Sapa, along with other markets, located in the villages of Coc Ly or Si Ma Cai, are simply an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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