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this year we have included Vietnam travel for the first time in our offer, a country that has not been exotic to us for a long time, and which is one of the most beautiful and impressive destinations in Asia. In recent years, worldwide interest in this country, which has long been in the shadow of the popularity of neighboring Thailand, has increased, but with its diversity, richness of monuments, natural beauties and the friendliness of the population, in my opinion, Thailand far outweighs.

This country even attracted us and in April last year we set off from Prague via Moscow to Vietnam. Our travel began in the most modern city of southern Vietnam, which still uses two names - Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City. We were welcomed by a city with nearly ten million inhabitants, each excited by the combination of supermodern high-rise buildings and historic, mostly Art Nouveau buildings from the French domination. And among all that beautiful parks we often felt like in Japanese gardens. Not only on the main squares and in the center, but also around the roads and motorways. This is accompanied by unexpected cleanness and relaxing evening walks during which we began to taste Vietnamese cuisine. It took us a little while to get to know each other, but after a while, the different rolls of vegetables or seafood or delicious soups were our favorite delicacies. After two days, we were no longer able to imagine breakfast without an excellent beef noodle soup.

It took us a little longer to learn how to cross the road. Almost six million motorcycles owned by the inhabitants of this city can not be overlooked. We stood at the crossing and waited when this stream of motorcycles interrupted. We did not wait, never end, and almost never stop. Neither at crossroads, where everyone goes from one side to the other, and somehow mysteriously avoiding each other in the middle. During the 14 days of our stay, during which we traveled many kilometers along the roads, we did not see a single caramel or cockpit. And finally, we learned the way we went. We did not listen to the advice of the local people who suggested that we close our eyes and go, but we just entered the road and walked slowly, and we always went from the right, from the left or slowed down.

Still, we have taken a boon with a day trip that has driven us from the rush of the city to the Mekong River tour from saigon, one of the most breathtaking areas of Vietnam, where one of the world's largest watercourses flows into the South China Sea and creates a number of magical places. Its delta - an evergreen green labyrinth of islets, canals, blind river beds, swamps and remains of indigenous forests - is almost three times larger than the Czech Republic. A typical boat trip with stops at floating markets or islands full of exotic greenery, ending with a seating at a local restaurant where you will prepare a fish specialty called Elephant's Ear, let us forget the earlier rush of Saigon and showed us the poor but very welcoming side of the Vietnamese countryside .

For true Vietnamese knowledge, it is necessary to visit also Central and Northern Vietnam. And so we moved to the airport the next day and passed a brief flight to Hue. After excellent dining and dining experience, we were able to convince you of the high quality of Vietnam Airlines, whose fleet today is one of the most modern in the world. A smiling guide waited for us in Hue, and on the way to the hotel included a wealth of information from Vietnamese history. But after seeing the local sights we had to admit that they were right. Hue was the center of the Vietnamese emperor's government, a visit to the imperial city, or the unique architectural complexes that the emperors had built in their lives to use them as summer residences, and after death and the place where their remains were deposited, always impressed by its splendor, rich decoration and unique setting into the surrounding countryside. The subsequent ride through the local Perfume River in typical dragon ships was a great experience for our cameras.

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