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What to experience in Hanong Bay?

Almost 2,000 mountainous islands are located in Ha Long Bay.

In Ha Long Bay there are up to 1,969 small or larger inhabited and uninhabited limestone islands of various shapes. Among the islands you can see the villages of local fishermen who have built houses on the river and between the houses are drawn fishing nets. On these islands people live together, but also animals. Most of these mountainous islands reach a height of about 100m and some even have lakes. E.g. Dau Be Island has up to 6 such lakes.

In Ha Long itself you will not see much, go to the islands.

 If you stay in Ha Long for a while, head out to Nui Bai Tho, which is located near Hon Gai Harbor. If you do not fly by plane or helicopter, this is the best view of Ha Long Bay and hundreds of karst islands. A novelty in 2016 was the opening of the Sun World Ha Long amusement park with a cable car, a Russian wheel, a wax statue museum and many other attractions for tourists (just Disneyland).

Source: tour halong bay from Hanoi

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