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Reviews of Halong Bay Cruising from Hanoi

Thousands of tourists and travelers are visiting the Ha Long Bay every day.

Ha Long Bay is about 180 km from Hanoi. It is best to get to Ha Long by bus (to the city, to Tuan Chau Island, Cat Ba ...), or go to Hanoi by train (Hai Phong City Station, 40 km from Ha Long) or by bus to Hai Phong. From Hai Phong you can take a boat / ferry directly to Cat Ba Island. Buses and trains can be booked online.

Ha Long Bay is one of the most visited places in the whole of Vietnam.

The name Ha Long means "the place where the dragon descends into the sea" in translation. According to the legend, the islands owe the creation of the dragon, which flew over this territory and with its tail, the individual valleys enveloped the country. Then he dived into the sea and the valley formed was sealed with seawater. Most visitors book to spend a 2-3 day cruise between the magical islands of the bay. This is the way to take in the atmosphere of this exceptional and beautiful place with experience best cruise halong bay

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