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Visiting the mountain tribes in Sapa, Vietnam

There are about 54 ethnic minorities in Vietnam, out of which 8 lives in Sapa. Most often you will meet Black Hmongs or Red Zao. Whatever group they are, they are always extremely friendly, generous and friendly people. Despite the pressure of the globalized world, tribes preserve their own culture. And if we call culture, we mean in the broadest sense.

If you want to experience best Vietnam tour, do not miss the opportunity to sleep on a farm home-stays with some of the natives. You will enjoy plenty of fun, taste great food and mainly penetrate the not always easy life of the mountain population. Each tribe has its own language, customs and traditions, but also the style of dressing. That's why Sapa is so colorful. Traditional costumes, which the local wear not only on festive occasions, but also on popular markets, are colorful. if you like to experience this unique opportunity, then try to book sapa tour from Hanoi and you will be amazed by this part of the country.

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