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Sapa travel from Hanoi

Majestic mountains, deep valleys, photogenic scenery, but also the home of a number of ethnic minorities or the most visited corner of northwestern Vietnam. All this and much more is Sapa - the former French mountain resort and plenty of different tours of Sapa from Hanoi, which will completely devour you for a minute. As in all of Vietnam, even in Sapa, French colonizers have signed up.

Sapa from Hanoi

The colonizers of the Hoang Lien Son, surrounded by this picturesque area full of cascading rice fields, have renamed the Tonkin Alps and built a town with a hospital, barracks, and luxury private villas from the pristine town of Sapa. They liked it here. And yet not to. The city has not only a charming neighborhood with splendid views but also a very pleasant climate where it is worth stopping and pumping fresh air. And what is Sapa today? First of all, the tourist center is inhabited by a growing number of people, but despite the flurry of tourists, it preserves the original magical atmosphere, documented by the undisturbed presence of mountain ethnicity.

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